E OrbiSky Systems: NewSpace Intelligence, Security & Automation

Deflecting Cyber Attacks on Satellites

Satellites are becoming more and more numerous in space. Especially with the boom in CubeSat technology, we have more space assets orbiting Earth than ever before. However, these assets are not fully secured. They are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Thankfully, our cyber edge AI technology secures satellites and other assets in space. This way data stays safe.

Managing Data Generation in Space

In addition to security threats, space assets also create an increased amount of data in space. Enormous amounts of data are being generated in space, and we can’t keep up with this influx of information. Humans are struggling to manage this problem.

This is why AI could be useful. Edge computing combined with AI could manage data in space and make space assets more autonomous.

Detecting Threats In Space

Finally, through data processing and AI edge computing, space assets will be able to detect threats and manage them ahead of time. This will make space operations more seamless and efficient.

Our technology helps ease space operations and prevent disasters before they ever happen.

What Can Our Capabilities Do For You?

Protects space assets from cyberattacks

Allows data to be managed more efficiently in space

Helps satellites and spacecraft operate autonomously