Deflecting Cyber Attacks on Satellites

Satellites are becoming more and more numerous in space. With the falling launch costs and boom in CubeSat tech, we have more space assets orbiting Earth than ever before. These assets are not fully secured. They are vulnerable to growing cyberattacks.

Managing Data in Space

In addition to security threats, space assets create an increased amount of data in space. Enormous amounts of data are being generated in space, and we can’t keep up with this influx of information. Humans are struggling to manage this problem.

Intelligence in Space

Finally, we augment and support asset operators through edge computing combined with AI to manage data in space. We make space assets more autonomous and intelligent and space operations more seamless, safe, and efficient.

OrbiSky Is a Member of the World Economic Forum's Global Innovators Community

We supply secure data solutions for asset operators. OrbiSky secures these assets and provide robust data management services.

Currently, our first data product is in soft launch with a number of customers.

It is built to ensure that organizations retain control over their critical data and information assets, regardless of where it resides or travels.

What Can Our Capabilities Do for You?

OrbiSky aims to create the best user experience for working with data.

One that empowers people to achieve things in space that can help everyone down here on Earth.

We're empowering operators in a data-driven world by providing space-based mass data management, intelligence, and insights.